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We have released our Group function!

20 Jul 2023

Our ‘Group’ feature is designed to fuel collaboration and friendly competition. Imagine engaging in challenges where teams, whether by department or country, can come together to participate cohesively in an event or task, and then compete against other groups. This fosters a sense of camaraderie within teams while also igniting a healthy competitive spirit across the organisation.

One of the standout attributes of this function is its flexibility. Users aren’t boxed into just one group; they can be part of multiple groups simultaneously. This means whether you’re part of the ‘Marketing Team’, the ‘London Office’, or both, you can engage, collaborate, and compete from various angles. This multi-dimensional approach ensures you have unlimited possibilities in leveraging this feature, making engagement more dynamic and inclusive than ever before.

Previous releases

Release Date
20 Nov 2023
iOS 3.4, Android 1.21 Mobile App

Major updates

  • Invite your colleague easily with the new Referral a Colleague feature in My Settings.
  • Now you can reply to and like comments effortlessly from your Activity Feed.
  • Enjoy tracking Swimming activities in your Challenges.
  • Recurring Events is now supported.

Minor updates

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements for a smoother experience.
9 Oct 2023
iOS 2.5, Android 1.14 Mobile App

Major updates

  • Expand your group challenge possibilities with the addition of non-trackable group challenges.
  • Amplify the impact of your fundraising efforts by easily sharing your fundraising pages as posts within the app.
  • Group admin and members will now receive notification when their access to a group has been revoked.

Minor updates

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
12 July 2023
iOS 2.0, Android 1.8 Mobile App

Major updates

  • Introducing the Group Challenges feature, which allows group members to stay motivated and connected through private challenges. Only participating members can track progress and see shared activities.

Minor updates

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
18 July 2023
Latest version Client portal

Enhance categorisation

  • Recognising the diverse structures and needs of modern organisation

Non-trackable Group Challenges

  • Keep an eye out for subtle yet significant enhancements to come in the challenge module. We will soon be able to support a broader spectrum of challenge types and events on our app.