Clubs Clubs


1. What are Clubs?

a. ‘Clubs’ are a feature of Force for Good that aims to promote networks, communities and connectivity between like-minded Community members. There are 10 Clubs spanning Fitness, Well-being, Art, Sustainability and Animals. You can join one or multiple clubs and engage in thought leadership, expert advice and share content with peers.

2. How do I join a Club?

a. You can join a Club after completing your sign up or

b. You can scroll on the list of Clubs on your Activity Feed or

c. You can go to Explore page and join the Clubs you resonate with

d. Once you are on the Club detail page, click on the ‘Join’ button to be one of the club members

3. How do I leave a Club?

a. You can click on the ‘Joined’ button to leave a Club. A popup message will appear confirming if you’d like to leave the club – confirm by clicking ‘Yes’.


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