What is Explore?

a. In ‘Explore’, you will find a list of Clubs, Challenges, Events and Volunteering opportunities in which you can participate. b. If you have trouble finding something that you are interested in, please feel free to make a suggestion by clicking on the “Got an idea for a challenge or event” button and your Community

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1. What are Clubs? a. ‘Clubs’ are a feature of Force for Good that aims to promote networks, communities and connectivity between like-minded Community members. There are 10 Clubs spanning Fitness, Well-being, Art, Sustainability and Animals. You can join one or multiple clubs and engage in thought leadership, expert advice and share content with peers.

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1. How do I participate in a Challenge? a. Go to a specific Challenge via Clubs or Activity Feed or Explore (click on ‘Challenges’ and then ‘All Challenges’). Then, click the Join button to participate on the challenge page. 2. How do I complete a Challenge? a. Challenges are classed into two types – Trackable

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